Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Do you remember???

Do you remember me? Or what this blog used to be? I can't promise you that it will be the same.. but it will BE!!!

This is the only time that I am going to semi acknowledge my blogging hiatus (unless I change my mind.. which I often do). And I do so now only to update you as to what my life is now. I have now experienced the joy of splitting all the wordly possessions in half. Which I came out mostly with the things that we owe on as the other half has no job. Don’t say you are sorry because I am not, so why should you be. I am now the proud renter of my very own place for the first time in my life… well Connor lives here too but I’m not sure he counts since he is 7 months old and adult conversation is not his strong point. I am also the owner (not proud) of a simese cat that has scratched off the delete, end and some other key-that-i-don’t-know of my laptop and an overhyper jack Russell named Lola, and a hamster (what??). I am not happy about that cat. This was my ex’s bright idea and now he can’t have him where he resides but I cannot find anyone give him away to who I know will be good to him.

I am also now slightly crunchy.. who would have guessed it. I make my own cleaners, I babywear in a wrap that costs more than my wardrobe, I’m teaching connor to sign, I now own about three pairs of shoes and I am “going green.” Please feel free to hang around.. its going to be an interesting ride.

Oh yea.. and I need a new name.. and a new header.. soooo a fresh start!!!

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Amy McMean said...

WOW. Sounds like the journey is just begining for you, connor and your flock of assorted animals. good luck! and welcome back!