Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Works for me wednesday - - 1/14/09

HUSBAND and I both often take hard boiled eggs for breakfast and/or lunch so at the begining of the week I will boil eggs and put them back in the carton so they don't get broken. Recently I started marking the eggs so we don't get confused, with little faces. That way we know which eggs are hard boiled and which eggs are raw. It also brings a little smile to my hubby's face when he is at work... Here I have drawn my family lol..

P.S. If you place eggs in cold water immediately after boiling them it will make them easier to peel! :)

brought to you by: Rocks in my dryer


Grateful for Grace said...

Ok, that's very clever! Good idea.

Thanks for sharing it!

Kim Layton said...

The little faces are cute! We've been eating hard boiled eggs in the morning for a week or so. I like your tip! Thanks!

Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

I like the faces. I can see how this would be helpful, imagine the disappointment when you realize you have a raw egg to eat. yuckaroo

Chris said...

That's a great idea -- and I had no idea about putting them in cold water. Good to know!