Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Throw Caution to the Wind

Sunday I had the bane of my Sunday School Teaching existince in my class. He is a regular but sometimes he decides that we make him mind he doesn't like us so he stays with his mom. Anyway Sunday he was in my class and was doing really well (so well I decided he must be sick and found out after church that yes he had been under the weather) right up until near the end of service. He then started throwing toys. Now I know you guys don't know but I HATE throwing toys. It breaks the toys, it hurts other kids, and can completely be avoided. So I reprimanded him... twice. Then I took the toy that he had brought with him (a gun but that is another story) and put it up until he left hoping that would deter him. Then shortly after that it was time to leave.

That night after church his mother pulled me aside and she said this was the conversation she had with bane.

Bane's mother: Did you have fun in Sunday School?
Bane: Cupcake says we can't be throwing things.
Bane's mother: Well, she's right you can't
Bane: Well, that's what she said!

WOW at least he heard me... not that he obeyed but I did get through that hard head of his!!!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe he actually told her the truth! I like it.

Diane said...

well, the battle is half won! at least he knows that it's inappropriate behavior. now to just get him to make better choices.
and, a toy gun?! wth is wrong with people? i'm totally against that. my sister gives them to my nephew and it just makes me so irritated.
ah well, none of my business....