Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Spiritual Head of Household

HUSBAND and i fought again this morning about church.. its wednesday and he doesnt want to go tonight because he is tired.. im tired too!! but i really feel that it is important that we go to church so God will continue to bless us and I told him so... Then he said tell me where in the Bible it says that you should go to church on Wednesday's and I honestly couldn't tell him it was in there.... What i really want is a strong man to be the head of our household.. I want him to be the spiritual leader of our family.. but instead I get lukewarm from him and I force him into going at all... I dont know what to do about this situation.. But it's like a double edged sword.. I want him to be the head but I don't want to lose control either.. I want to have my say and have it be heard.... I want to get some things my way because I feel like thats better. My dad was very much the leader of our home but I kinda felt like my mom got ran over sometimes and I don't want that either.. Is their a way to have it both ways? What is the compromise? How do you lead a passive man into being the head of the household without forcing him and then him resenting it? How do you not lose your voice in the process?

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