Thursday, November 20, 2008

Am i too nice?

So last night HUSBAND's baby mama called and said that she lost her job and she is ten days away from being evicted... so since I am way too totally nice i told her that she could stay with us... im not sure if she will or not but now i am kinda having second thoughts... is that just going too far? Am i being way too nice? Am I asking for trouble? When we first got married my preacher asked us to all write down something that we wanted on a slip of paper and we as a chuch would be praying over them and well as him on his own... Sprinkle (HUSBAND's son) was on my piece of paper and I found out recently that Sprinkle was on his as well... We offered just to take Sprinkle first, but she wouldnt let us... My feeling is that this just may be God's way of helping bring him into our lives...

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