Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our all grown up Furbaby

HUSBAND thinks our precious baby Pixie is *gasp* in HEAT!!!! The neighborhood gigolo was sniffing around her last night... I cannot believe it!! I do not think she is old enough and we don't have the money to have her snipped right now.. So i guess we might be having puppies soon... gosh i hope not...

HUSBAND called me yesterday morning and told me he was stuck in a ditch because he fell asleep driving... then like SIKE!!! I could have killed him.. then on his way home he had a flat.. i told him that is why you don't play about stuff like that!!!!.

Jon and Kate had their wedding on TV last night.. it was so precious!!! I want to renew our vows so bad!! Since we got married in the Courthouse and I never got a real wedding.. then i had to go to bed with a migraine...

Poor Sushi is still quartered in the bathroom and she hates it I can tell but we MUST rid our home of fleas!! i cannot take it any longer!!!! They are getting fewer and fewer which is great!!!!
Yesterday I found the true angel that goes on top of my Christmas tree hiding in one of the other boxes... i was so excited!!!!!!! last year i had a beautiful brown haired angel but my tree fell over and she broke :((((

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