Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Act of a Fair Fight

Scene 1, Act 1

The curtain opens to Cupcake and HUSBAND driving to church. They are both yelling at each other and it is obvious all is not right...

Cupcake: I don't see the big deal HUSBAND, so what if someone rolled our yard?

HUSBAD (misspelled incorrectly on purpose.. bad.. get it?) : its the principal of it, Cupcake!!!!!!!
They continue to argue with increasingly heated tones

HUSBAD: Stop it, or I am going to jump out of the car.

Cupcake: You aren't going to jump out of the car dumby

HUSBAD: I have done it before and I will do it again!!!!!!
He starts to open the door..

Cupcake: Hold on a second.
Then she stomps on the gas

Cupcake: Okay now jump out of the car!! (She yells with venom) You have your medical card with you right? Just walk home and drive yourself to the emergency room okay?

HUSBAND closes the car door and they continue to church in complete silence...

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