Friday, December 3, 2010

This {Meaningful} Christmas

I am learning so much this year about the type of mom and person that I want to be. I am very a person who will accept whatever task is given to me and then feel burdened about how I can't do it so that I get no joy from that task. So part of the decision I have made going into Christmas (my son's first Christmas) is that I will not try to do too much. I will not try to make it fabulous or buy the best presents ever but that I will make it special and enjoy it. This will be the only Christmas I have for 2010. This will be the only FIRST Christmas that I have will Connor. What good will it be if I stress myself out about it so much that I do not savor or enjoy it? But don't get me wrong!! I have some very special gifts in line for my little angel. But I pared down the tree this year, I did not commit myself to the Christmas play as I always do, I did not drag out all the decorations that do not mean something to me and I did drag out the things that mean something and the books that I want to share with Connor. I also am doing activities that are more Christ-centered than Present-Centered. Such as reading the Christmas story as our advent, making out Christmas cards for the nursing home and participating in Operation Christmas Child.

I would like to share some links with you that help me come to this conclusion:

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LT said...

I love this post, good for you! I hope you have the best Christmas with Connor ever!