Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nativitiy Parade

I am participating in the Nativity Parade at Crap I've Made (love this blog!!)

I love nativity scenes!!! So I have several. I would love to show you some of them!!!!

This is my newest (and hence my favorite!):

I really love it because of these camels. Aren't they adorable!!

This one I got half price at Wal-Mart two years ago. And then got the stable to go along with it this year half priced. I plan on using it for the 12 Days of Nativity idea I got from another blogger because it has the right amount of pieces and I really love this one. I don't remember which blogger!! But if you want to know please leave me a comment and I will locate it for you to use as well next year!!

This is a very small and inexpensive nativity. No! That is not dirt on my table!! hehe..

My mom gave me this one earlier this Christmas. I love Joseph in this one, alot of nativties leave Joseph out now.

I bought this one several years ago. I eyed it all Christmas and then finally picked it up after Christmas on sale at the Christian Book Store. All the fabric on this look really real even though it is plaster.

Sorry this pic is so blurry!! Its a very tiny, delicate ornament... I have many more nativities on my tree but after trying so hard to get this pic I decided not to pursue them.

I also have this one under the tree wrapped up for Connor's first Christmas. It is now marked down AGAIN and is seriously a steal!!!

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