Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Things you should know about me if we're gonna be BFF

Little Miss Mama (a new fav of mine) is hosting a linky party (YAY!). So here goes!!!

Things you should know about me if we're gonna be BFF

I have slight OCD. I check the stove several times before leaving even though I haven't turned it on that day.

I can (and do) love my BFF's kids as much as my own. I spent almost as much on them as my own for Christmas


Ferrero Rocher are my all time favorite candy but I don't buy them for myself because they are so expensive.

My second favorite pleasure is chocolate covered strawberries... YUM!

I often give baked goods as adult presents. I have been told my sugar cookies are awesome!

My pregnancy with Connor was kinda difficult. I find myself talking about it alot because it didn't go as I wanted it to, but I am working on not talking about it so much lol.


Most days I don't wear makeup

Alot of days I put on a necklace, feel silly and take it off. So I have tons of necklaces I never wear.

My best friend lost her dad this year and I felt like I lost my second dad as well. He was a great man and I hope he is watching over me and Connor.


I would chose Dr. Pepper to drink every time.

Men are my weakness. I'm a single mom now so I have alot of crushes. *wink*

I will love anything if it's pink.

I love to carry giant purses with all my secrets inside.

I have no idea how to fold fitted sheets, baby wraps or underwear.

When my husband I seperated an old flame that meant alot to me contacted me about getting back together. I started talking to him and then one day I logged into facebook to see him tagged in HIS wedding pictures. He had gotten married that weekend.

I can't watch ASPCA commericals without crying. And also I want to rescue every furry thing I see but I can't because I don't have room for them.

I love the smell of gas, paint and fingernail polish. When I was pregnant I craved the smells.

I hate milk, macaroni and cheese and cream style corn and will throw up if forced to eat it. Just ask my kindergarten teacher.


Kelly said...

Hi! Found you through the link up!! :)

Oh my goodness! I can't believe that guy was talking to you about getting back together and getting married at the same time. What a jerk!!!

I too had a difficult pregnancy and delivery. Almost 5 years later I still talk about it. I think I need to shut up. haha.

mal blair said...

what a great list!

ferrero rocher & chocolate covered strawberries are both heavenly.

Mrs. Huse Clifton said...

Cute list. I love the shirts.

Amie said...

Total bummer about the mac and cheese....but we could still be friends too. I have a lot of crushes too but most of mine are on cartoon characters!
Amie @ http://www.kittycatsandairplanes.blogspot.com/

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

WOW, what a great list girl--honest, funny, sweet, sad--you had it all in here! So glad you linked up! My jaw dropped when I read about the guy getting married--ugg! And now I want to know whats in your purse, lol!