Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Stumbles 11/20

All Time Favorite Post right now: Operation Christmas Child (I will be blogging about my shoe box soon!!!)

Favorite article(s) about raising kids: Lesson On Manners

Definately want to do this with Connor but I will have to wait until he is a little older: Baby Clothes Quilt from the start

Favorite Thanksgiving Craft I want to make: Paddle Turkey

Great idea for Connor's first birthday: Cupcake Cupcake Toppers

Christmas Craft I want to make: Ruffle Christmas Trees

Favorite New (to me) blog: ohamanda and and her other blog:

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Anonymous said...

Here from Saturday Stumbles :).

I wanna make the Ruffle Christmas Trees, too....but I kinda need a sewing machine I guess. Glad YOU found oohamanda...she's a sweetie!

And manners, yes ma' HAVE found some great links to share!