Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas Traditions

One of my favorite blogs Twelve Crafts Til Christmas a three week linky party on traditions that started yesterday (my little one got sick so I missed it yesterday). I am so excited about this!! This is my first year with a little one so I think this is the perfect time to start lots of traditions.

Here is the list (and some links) to traditions I want to start this year. I will probably not be able to incoporate all of these but this is my jumping point.

This is a wonderful explanation of advent. I haven't landed on exactly what I want to do for an advent calender but here are some considerations: Activity Advent Calendar, Grinch Advent Calendar, Simple Advent Calendar and Activities, Muffin Tin Advent and Storybook Advent Calendar. I would also like to incorporate the reading of the Bible and Christmas books.

Ali Edwards has for a long time done this December Daily Album. I will not be with Connor for everyday of December because of spliting weekends with my ex. So I decided to TRY to do an album this year but instead of December Daily I want to do a December Activity. I will take pictures and make layouts for each Christmas/December activity we do in preperation of Christmas.

My first activity for my December Activity will be a box for Operation Christmas Child. This will take place in November because they are due next week. I really want to start this tradition because I want to teach my son to serve others.

We will also: Visit a Christmas light display near here, put up a Christmas tree, give out Christmas cards at a nursing home, bake cookies for Santa, make Gingerbread house out of graham crackers, make Santa out of handprints, make a Christmas card binder, write letter to Santa, visit Santa, make reindeer food, buy special ornaments for each year, celebrate Christmas with our church family (Christmas program and gift exchange and dinner), put wishes for the New Year in the stockings before putting them away, watch Christmas movies, open Christmas pajamas the night before opening gifts and of course opening gifts.

We open gifts a little differently in my family. We do alot of traveling for family on the actual day of Christmas so we usually open presents at an early date. This year since it will be Connor's first Christmas we decided on Christmas Eve.

The last thing is a Christmas Elf of some sort. I haven't researched it very much yet but that is next on my list.

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Pamela said...

Lot of good ideas here. I love how your are teaching Connor to give as well as receive.