Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Feet Post

I was not blessed with beautiful, smooth, tiny feet. I have the feet of my mom's grandmother. Hard working feet, farming feet, barefoot and pregnant feet. My feet are long and wide with fat, stubby toes, however, I lurve high heel shoes.

I love the way they make my fat feet into womanly, curved, toe pointing feet. They make me stand taller, push out my chest, raise my chin and take on the world. They also make my feet hurt.. nay! ache!!!

Because of this I often find myself bare foot in places that aren't really appropriate for bare footedness. Work for instance... or the park.. or the library. Somehow being a southern lady makes it acceptable.

But I really love to be barefoot at church, partially because I am usually not alone. Usually there is at least one other lady with feet that are killing her. I love to stand flat (bare) footed where ladies of old have stood, feeling the hallowed ground beneath my feet, letting the power of HIM reverberate through me.

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