Saturday, February 7, 2009

How do I love thee, let me count the ways...

Part of the craft I am making for the hubs for Valentine's

How do I love thee, let me count the ways....

make me laugh
give me kisses
let me adopt stray(s)
love to cuddle
make me happy
the way you get jealous when the cat cuddles with me
loves me too
goes to church
eats my cooking
loves sweets
rock at guitar hero
fix things
love Fords
you love Ford
you feed Pixie
you let me eat sushi sometimes
fix the computer
your sexy grin
your constant touching
you say I love you more
how often you call
your beautiful eyes
you forgive my twilight obsession
the way you love me
you're always cold
you're way hotttttt
you laugh until you cry and its so cute
you let me take pics of you
you are so sexy
big heart
you make me feel pretty
you think i'm cute when i drink
you smell good (sometimes)
you're so smart
you always miss me
you love kitties
you always say i look nice
how you make opening a jar of pickles look easy
how you eat pickles in bed with me
you couldn't wait to marry me
you looked right in my eyes when you said your vows
you hold my hand real tight
you put your arm around me at church
you always watch out for me
you buy me things out of the blue
you play with my hair
your voice makes me melt
the way you rub my back when I'm crying
you call me an angel
You allow me to be myself
the stupid cartoons you watch


Jennifer Juniper said...

Ha, I just read your hair piece story and I had to laugh. I have one, too, and my husband never figures it out! Lesson 1, men are dense. Your list is sweet :) Jen

Diane said...

sounds like a lot of good reasons to love someone. even if they dont notice your hair thingy! :)