Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday - - 1/12/09

I did not just get back from the grocery store. Where I was not short $.30 and i certianly did NOT borrow it from the complete stranger in line behind me that I will never see again.

I did not snap at my hubby all weekend because I was tired and ill. I would never ever do that.

I certianly do NOT still have every single thing from Christmas still up. I took EVERY thing down Jan 1st.

I did NOT go to Krystal's birthday and get buzzed off Bud light in a bottle. It did NOT taste so yucky that I had to mix it with Mountain Dew and I did not call my hubby to come get me from Krystal's house which is not just next door!!!

What did you not do this week???


Diane said...

lolol! oh dear! what a weekend you had!

and heeeeyy, don't worry about the 30 cents. whoever "loaned" it to you was prob WAY overdue when it comes to random acts of kindness.

Jenni Jiggety said...


Bud Light and Moutain Dew...fancy cocktail you made there!

I would have loaned you 30 cents and thought nothing of it! Now you just have a good reason to pay it forward yourself one day, right?

Anonymous said...

He had to come NEXT DOOR to get you? That's too freakin' funny!