Saturday, January 17, 2009

Green Eyed Monster

Sometimes when I am reading through all the blogs that I am subscribed to I get a little jealous. These ladies have wonderful kids and husbands they call things like Prince and Soul Mate and ect. Most of time I want to put my hubby up for adoption. And despite desperate prayers and trying no baby. It seems so easy for me to fall victim to the green eyed monster. To fall victim to the "Why Me's?" But I am doing the best I can to try and keep the pity tea party to a minimum and hope that eventually things will even out.

Our greatest problem right now seems to be finances (I know we are not alone). So we sat down and budgeted out our bills. After bills and gas and groceries we have $518 left. Are you kidding $518???? Our checking account is currently overdrawn $200. We have got to get this under control.

We have been going to a marriage counselor about 3 months. Although we have worked out a compromise on washing dishes I still cannot convince him he needs to shower on a regular basis. Communication is a lost art with him. He gets stubborn and I get emotional.

So if you are out there reading this blog I want to let you know that everyone out there in blogville is not perfectly happy. We are not all fawning over our wonderful husband and wiping butts of our perfect children. Some of us have lots of problems and that's okay. Sometimes other people want to read things we can relate to. I love all the blogs I read and I love all the readers of my lil blog!! And I mean this in no way to be degrading to those happy people!! Please don't take it that way :)


Lorie said...

I know it can be hard to read blogs where people seem perfectly happy, but know that no one is perfect and no one is happy all the time.

Most people blog about the way they WANT things to be. They put a sunny side on things because it makes it easier to deal with the shadows in their lives.

I adore my husband and kids, but that doesn't mean that I don't want to sell them to the gypsies sometimes...or that I don't deserve to be given up for adoption sometimes too!!

And last but not least, please don't think that I am saying these things because I don't think you should talk about the negative. Because I think just the opposite. I think it is good to talk about our frustrations. It is better than not doing anything about them!!

I hope you have a great Saturday and I apologize that my comment was like 15 pages long!

Jennifer said...


Head over and see the 7 things things I put up about myself, it may help.

Also, anytime you want to have a pity party I will join in, just let me know!

Jessie said...

Amen sister! I feel you! I'm hanging out with the overdrawn checking account too. When is it that the fairy is going to come with her magic wand.... :-)