Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mama Bear

Let me start this post by saying a little disclaimer. I love my parents. Very much. Can you hear the "but" in my voice. But I was raised in a way I don't feel is right for my parenting style. My parents used fear and guilt to keep us in line. I don't want my son to fear me. I want him to know that I love him unconditionally and that I am always trying to find the best in him. I want to be a "yes" parent. That leads me to say this. I often wondered if this came up how I would speak on it. I questioned whether direct and firm would be best or nicely and calmly would do the trick. I was given the opportunity to find out my reaction. Let me just say that no hand was raised and noone was harmed but I found out quickly how I reacted. The mama bear voice unfurled inside me. How did I voice my opinion? Loud and clear.

And it turns out that that was the best approach. I feel at peace about it and my opinion is known and my parenting style is no longer a question.

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