Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday - 11/30

Top Ten {Tuesday}

I have been doing some toy investigation because I have LOTS of kids to buy for this year. Including my very own!!! So here are the Top Ten Toys I recommend:

This toy is a favorite because I love to read and I want to encourage that in my child. But this book also has sound and favorite characters so it holds interest of little ones. The price is pretty good as well!!!


I love the idea of this kitchen first off. It teaches babies about real life through play. But when I showed this toy to Connor in the store he had a very good time!! It lights up and plays music and is much better priced than than many toys of this size.


I cannot tell you if little ones will enjoy playing with this as I do not have it yet but Little Poeple Toys are always a big hit in our family. I am recommending this one because of the learning message of the Christ story that is behind the toy. This nativity set is something that children can play with unlike the breakable nativities in most homes and teach the child an important story!! The reason behind the season. (And its on sale right now!!!)


My little one really enjoys balls (as I know lots of kids do). This particular ball has a character on it that he loves and it lights up and plays music. That makes it a winner for him. It also teaches numbers and shapes which makes it a winner for me!


Okay... my pictures stop working! So I guess that is all the pictures you get for now!! Sorry!!

My niece loves this!! It has actually taught her to say "Thank you"


LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Alphabet.. need I say more?


Rumblin rocks Dump Truck


Disney Princess Magical Learning Laptop - My older niece thinks this is the bomb.com


Doodle Bugs Activity Station - Connor loves this!!! He is growing out of it now since he is starting to walk but this was one of his favorite toys for a LONG time.


VTech - Disney Winnie the Pooh Sort 'n Learn Cart - Once again, Winnie the Pooh, v-tech... awesome!!!


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