Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This is a post I have been hanging on to for a while. I started taking note of my symptoms one day past ovulation (thats what DPO means). I thought if I got preggo I would love to know how I was feeling before I knew. I stopped recording them the day my OBGYN's office told me I didn't ovulate because I thought there was no way I could be preggo... my baby sure did show them lol.

DPO 1 So nautious!! Cranky. Want some strawberries BAD.

DPO 2 Almost killed hubby because he wouldn't make me a hamburger. No food tastes or sounds good except a hamburger. Hot flashes. Cranky. Emotional. Really bad heartburn. Stuffy nose

DPO 3 Craving watermelon. Hot flashes. Had the best steak sandwich of my life. Cranky. Emotional. Mad at hubby for not doing the dishes. Wanted to BD but hubby said I wore him out trying to catch the egg and that made me cry. Stuffy nose

DPO 4 not so queazy. Back aches. VERY tired. Unexplained sneezing.

Dpo 5 Tired, hot flashes, nothing tastes right. Then BAM we bd and I have baaad lower belly pain. Take meds for uti. Stuffy nose.

Dpo 6 Bad cranky! Uti seems gone? Tired. Wanna go to bed. Hpt= bfn. Still too early.

DPO 7 - I went to the obgyn yesterday and had blood drawn to see if I o'd. The results will be back by 3pm today. So I am calling at 2:59pm. If i didn't o this month that means that i am out for sure and I have to start all over. They will bring on my period again with Provera and then do 5 days of clomid again.

DPO 8 - Didn't ovulate. Not DPO 8 or CD anything.. just frustrated.


Debbie said...

It's so good to get all of these thoughts and experiences written down.

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