Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yes, I really am that tired...

Morning sickness was rampant this morning. Actually threw up for the first time. Had hubby go get my a Sprite as I threw up in my garbage can here at work. While he was waiting to give me the Sprite he told three poeple in our guard shack that we are expecting. I haven't told my bosses yet.. grr lol.

Still feeling very tired, have to take a nap everyday when i get off from work. Everytime I sit down I want to lay down. I have a constant stuffy nose. The smell of cooking meat makes me want to cut off my nose as well as any strong smell especially perfume.

I had some pulled muscle type feeling in my lower abdomen last night. Called my mom (she's an R.N.) she asked me a million questions and then she said she thought it was round ligiment pain. Which made me feel better that something wasn't wrong. She does bother me when she says things like well even if you do start bleeding there is nothing they can really do. I don't want to think like that and she is making it seem like no big deal. And it totally is.

Today I feel

dizzy and lightheaded
breast tenderness
nausea and vomiting

gloriously blessed

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Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

I'd say unbelievably blessed!! All the pain and discomfort is worth it for the biggest joy of your life that you're about to receive!

Have you gone to the doctor yet for a due date?