Friday, July 31, 2009

Pregnant Girl 7th Heaven

Being pregnant and hungry is a hunger like no other. I have litterally never felt as hungry in my life as I do now if I DARE to let all my food digest. And not only that the nausa that comes with an empty stomache is incredible. Last night we had a pretty bad storm here but I was hungry so it didn't phase me at all. I really wanted a cheeseburger but insisative hubby refused to go out in the tornado to get one for me. So i had to settle for a ham sandwich. Selfish hubby :)

I got some great stuff from freecycle yesterday. I got a baby bathtub, recieving blankets, baby towels, books and baby toys. The toys are just adorable and I am in pregnant girl 7th heaven.



My IL's want the baby to call them Grandma and Grandpa which is cool with me. My grandparents I want to stay Mamaw and Papaw. My mom's mother is Granny but she is not really a part of my life any more. So I asked my parents what they want the baby to call them but I didn't get alot of input. So I started looking for things on my own

My mom:
but if my mom really wanted she could be Mamaw

My dad:
Poppy (i really love this one lol)


Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

Jake calls my parents Nana and Papa, my husband's parents Ba and Memaw, and my grandmother Granny.

And, oh man, empty stomach brings on the mad nausea. I so remember that.

Elizabeth said...

How fun! Names and baby things. No wonder you're on 7th Heaven! Have you made any decisions?