Sunday, July 19, 2009

First Ultrasound!!!

I got to see the baby!!! It didn't really start out as a good thing. Last night after I got home about 8:30pm I noticed some bleeding. So we rushed off the to ER. We went to the Women's Center but we couldn't find their Emergency Room lol. So we went to the regular hospital and let me tell you they weren't crazy about having a pregnant girl there. They took some blood and checked my blood pressure and things. After I had been there what seemed like forever (!) they took me to have an ultrasound.

The lady did a vaginal ultrasound and took lots of pictures of my uterus and things. HUBBY could see the screen then but I could not. So I asked her if I could see when she got finished. So she turned the screen to face me and their it was! The tiniest cutest little jelly bean. With arm and leg sprouts... and a BEATING HEART!!!!

It was amazing. It was awesome to be laying their holding hands with my hubby and looking at our baby in my belly. The baby was squirming around trying to escape the ultrasound. The tech said it hurts their ears. She said that the baby was about 9 weeks which is what we figured. And that makes my due date around Feb. 20, 2010. I can't wait!!!

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