Saturday, April 25, 2009

But I want an oompa loompa now daddy

Oh what a week I have had ladies!!! I am sorry that I have been a little behind on blogging this week but everything has been so crazy!!!

1. My landlord doesn't allow indoor pets. I rescued my cat Sushi and had every intention of finding her a new home but I just couldn't.

Well my landlord told Hubby that she wants to do a walk thru on our home to make sure everything is still up to par. So I had to give away my precious Sushi. We didn't/don't know when she plans on doing this so we thought better safe than sorry but I didn't know where Sushi would go so I was very upset.

Hubby: It's okay. When we buy our home I will buy you a new cat.
Me: I don't want a new cat! I want my cat!!
Hubby: Ummm.. you want some chocolate ice cream.
Me: Oh gosh yes!!

But (!) a lady I work with has taken her and I know she will have a wonderful home there because she loves cats and already has two. One of them is elderly and one is a kitten so now her kitten and Sushi will have someone to play with. And plus I might be allergic to Sushi. Ever since we got her I have had this rash on my back that has spread and has become very uncomfortable.

Hubby: That rash is looking pretty bad.
Me: You should be on this side of seeing it.

2. I got a new phone!! Blackberry pearl with a pink henna pattern on it. The phone is beautiful!! If I only knew how to work it haha.

Hubby: O look this phone has a slide out keyboard.
Me: I want the pink one. The pink one. Get me the pink one now. With next day shipping. NOW!!!

3. Our bed that we borrowed from our landlord broke! At 10pm when I had to be up at 4am the next morning!! We are now sleeping on a box spring and a mattress on our floor. I like it but the hubby is not amused. We also have the headboard, footboard and frame in various places leaning until we can get it fixed.

Hubby: mumble, mumble, mumble
Me: What?
Hubby: Oh nothing, I was just talking to the mattress.

4. Our air conditioner is broken!! I don't know if you guys realized but I live in the south. It was 80 degrees here yesterday!! That means it was almost 90 in my house!!! Our landlord has looked at it and he thought it was just a thrown breaker but it's not. He flipped the breaker and it is still not cooling. Hubby thinks it is throwing the breaker because it needs freon (sp?) and the air conditioner is working to hard.

Hubby: Do you want me to move this dresser and open this window?
Me: Yes!
Hubby: grunt, strain, sigh. Okay that dresser is
just going to have to stay there.

Me: Laugh. Okay.

5. I thought I had paid our gas and water but I got a cut off notice yesterday (yikes!!) and we didn't budget for that!!!

So as you can see it has been an eventful week!!! I hope everyone had a good week and has a wonderful weekend!!!!!


Diane said...

what a week!! whew!

hope things iron themselves out!!

sorry you had to give up your kittie. that totally sucks...

here's to a better week this week!!

LT said...

So sorry to hear about having to give away your sweet cat, I am sure that was tough! Glad you found her a good home though. What a crazy week for you! I hope this week is better and we have missed you.

Sparkette said...

Sorry bout your rough week. New week to come! Hope it gets better!

Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

What a week. Gosh, I wouldn't have time for blogging either.

I just got a phone call from the electric company that pretty much said "Hum... Ms. McMean you are aware you MUST pay your bill, aren't you?" OOPPS.