Saturday, March 7, 2009

7 Days of Shoes

There has been some interest in seeing my whole collection of shoes. As I said before I have my shoes sort of spread all around my house but I am also wanting to put them all together to share. So I will do my best to work on that this weekend. Sharing the picture is tentatively scheduled for Monday.

I want to thank everyone for the interest that this challenge has generated. This has (so far) but so fun for me!! And everyday I find myself looking for shoes that I am excited to show you guys LOL.

Saturday is casual here at work. So Saturday's are pretty much the only day I wear flats. That might change during this challenge because I have way more heels than I do flats.

Today I am wearing these great flats from American Eagle. They are so comfy!! Like wearing house shoes or being bare foot.




Diane said...

i would totally wear these! super cute!

do you actually wear all your shoes? i've bought like 6 pairs of shoes in the past month knowing i prob wont even wear them. whats up with that? a true addiction?

Ashley said...

Love these! Super cute :)

Sarah said...

You are really making me jealous!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

I must go to a place called a Chocolate spa.

OOoooh and yum.
I love your blog header!!!