Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ten of My Food Issues

I have often told that I have weird habits about food so I thought I would list ten of them here in case you ever want to know!!!

1. I eat my M and M's by color.

2. I don't eat bananas because I dont like the way they feel in my mouth.

3. I don't eat macaroni and cheese for the same reason.

4. I don't like my food to touch! ewwwww!!!

5. If my bread gets soggy you can forget about me eating it.

6. I love sushi.. love love love it.

7. I eat whoppers in my popcorn at the movies.

8. I dont drink milk.. ever.. ewww

9. When I feel bad a fudge sundae from McDonald's always makes me feel better....

10. I don't eat any hot food... i dont like the way hot taste.. you know?


Anonymous said...

I can honestly say I have never known anyone that does not like bananas! Interesting.

Ashley @ Frexy Mama said...

Lol. I had a lot of the same issues when I was younger.

Jennifer Juniper said...

I eat milk duds in my popcorn at the movies!!! I love when they get all soft and melty in the hot popcorn. And then there is the glorius salty sweet combo...mmmmm...must go to the movies! Jen