Monday, February 9, 2009

For the Love of Polka Dots

I have decided to write a blog regarding my love affair with polka dots. I have recently been told that it scares some people because of my persistent perkiness. But I love them and I love being perky. I will drag as many people possible into happiness with me. No one likes sad people.

Anyway, polka dots are happy wonderful things. They are like candy for the eyes. Sugar for the brain. They go into your eyes and make your brain hyper. Wow that's a little gross lets back the polka dot train up a little.

Have you ever seen a sad polka dot? No you have not! Have you ever seen a polka dot and thought wow that polka dot sure does make me sad? NO! And would the bikini song have been as effective if the bikini hadn't been an itty bitty polka dotted bikini that she wore? No I do not think so.

Minnie Mouse! Would she have been as cute if her dress wasn't red and white polka dotted? No way!!!! I mean everything is better with dots.. I promise!!!

I even love freckles because they are God's little polka dots for humans.

As for the mood for today: I am silly.. as you may can tell. Although I didn't sleep enough last night and I am a little sleepy but I had a Mountain Dew and now I am riding the Dew high!!!!!

Now enjoy some happy polka dots please :D


CC said...

I love colorful primary colored polka dots. Those make me happy! :)

Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

I completely agree with the minnie mouse comment. She would have been just another mouse in a dress. And thats just plain odd.

Nina said...

You win this argument hands down. They do make you just want to smile and be happy. I really needed that today as my mood is nothing like that of a polka dot.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Oh how I need some of your happy polka dots to come jump my way. I am so trying to get out of a funk.