Saturday, February 21, 2009

101 Things I love

101 Things I love... or until i run out of time.. In no particular order...


my friends!!! sorry guys there are just way to many of you to name one by one

eli, kaiden, coopa and mallory.. the best babies in the whole wide world!!!

my shoes.. all of them and the ones that i don't own yet!



the words new messages! in red on myspace

When eli comes to me to give me kisses!!!

Every last one of my followers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

penguins especially ones that are cute and fuzzy and that dance!!!



pink postits

Mt Dew

When Mallory tries to repeat everything I say

Fishing!!! even tho i only caught that one tiny fish that time....

Cute yellow rubber duckies

Big Macs from McDonalds

The text message sound on my cell phone

Playing "Never have I ever" with tootsie pops!!

All 400 ringtones on my phone!!

CHRISTMAS!!! and everything about it.. Jesus!!... presents... christmas carols.. christmas plays.. christmas trees... just everything!!!

When it rains just enough to get my hair damp

Good hair days!!!

the way myspace puts an ! after my name when it says hello, whoever you are

i love when i log into yahoo or myspace messenger and someone i really want to talk to is online

and you see the little yellow smillie face next to their name!!!

White chocolate raspberry coffee creamer


Large bodies of water such as: oceans, lakes or streams or even a bigger than normal bath tub

When the fedex express man has packages for me... even tho they are not really for me and they are work related...

When Stephipoo makes me laugh so hard Mt Dew comes out my nose....

When Drama Queen posts cute blogs on CareBridge and makes it sound like Coopa wrote it.

At church when Elizabeth sings in the baby's choir right into the microphone the wrong words lol


okay.. that wasn't 101 but I think that will be enough for now....

Whew if you made it all the way to the bottom congratulations and you are one of my best friends obviously lol....

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