Saturday, January 31, 2009

Today I did a bad, bad thing.. I think...

Oh My Uterus!!!!! Today I did a bad, bad thing!! I think.. you see I put my followers on here! Oh the shame, o the shame!! What is that? What shame you ask? I only have FOUR!

What? You can't believe it? Me neither!! I know what you are thinking since I am so Witty/clever/genius/beautiful that I would have hundreds by now!! *sob*

But alas! I love my four followers (Seriously I do!!!) so I decided to showcase their beautiful (albeit tiny) pictures over there under "Followers." They have given me so many comments that I love love love. Also I am hoping that it will encourage others to follow me.

Come on.. you know you want to!! All the cool kids are doing it. (Is that enough peer pressure for ya?) The pity follow is perfectly fine with me.

Until you guys all come and follow me.. I will be here sitting and sobbing into my chili in a bread bowl. *sob*


P.S. I also made myself a button if anyone is interested.. now back to sobbing..


Diane said...

you have chili in a bread bowl?????? gawd that sounds good!

but, yea, back to you... looks like you got 5 now!

and i do luv your button!

and your blog! so keep writing! if you write it, they will come. right?

Lola said...

"oh my uterus" ahahha.. you are so crazy.. and thanks for posting my teeny tiny picture on here!! and i love your button someday when I figure out how to put it on my profile i will!!! love ya girl.. you are so freakin funny..

Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

Wow, I am TOTALLY one of the cool kids!!! And, it looks like you already one-upped since you posted!! Maybe I should plead my case on my blog, too!! FOLLOW ME!! :-) ... no cult reference involved.

Nina said...

Don't feel bad I had like 1 follower for the longest time. Then one day I got a lot more... of course about half of them that follow me don't comment so I don't think they follow anymore. LOL... Oh well those that do and comment I just love them.

I see Diane is one of your followers, she is a fabulous blogger and so fun.

NateAndJakesMom said...

So now you have 8! Feel free to follow me too but just so you know... I am now off to eat a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Your blog kills me... I need to learn not to give in to temptation but I LOVE cupcakes...