Saturday, January 10, 2009

Things I am tired of telling my husband

My husband has Asperger's we all know that. So they way he processess things is different than normal poeple. When I tell him he needs to do something he takes that as I am trying to control his life and be his mother. So he rebels and completely refuses to do them AT ALL. There are things that he will do eventually if I just hold my peace. But there are some things I am just plain tired of telling him. This might seem odd to some of ya'll but welcome to my world.

  1. Take out the trash
  2. put a bag back in the can afterwards
  3. brush his teeth
  4. take a shower
  5. help me with washing dishes
  6. if you do wash the dishes get them clean
  7. only run the dishwasher one with the same dishes
  8. put his plate in the sink
  9. put his keys in one place so he will remember where they are
  10. if your clothes are wrinkled put them in the dryer
  11. put your dirty clothes in the hamper so i can find them to wash them
  12. lock the door when you leave me there alone (and asleep)
  13. chocolate is not whats for dinner
  14. we cannot eat out.. its expensive
  15. Do not buy anything else we are overdrawn
  16. your debit card won't work cuz we are overdrawn
  17. writing a check will make use MORE overdrawn
  18. Your music is too loud!! and has too much BASS!!


Anonymous said...

Oh man, and he would probably just say that you're nagging him, right? Men. All I can do is this: {{{hugs}}}

Paige said...

At least half of those things--probably more-- I have to tell my husband every day too. And he does not have Aspergers.

HAng in there--and keep laughing!

Anonymous said...

By the way, I have a little something for you here :)

Diane said...

*I* have aspergers and no one has to tell me all that stuff. i think it's his GENDER! lol

i'm glad blueviolet listed you on her blog! i'll be stopping back by!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Sounds like things I have to tell the hubby and my tween boys on a daily basis! Don't lose hope!

Melody said...

My son has Asperger's and I have to constantly tell him to brush his teeth and shower.

I was hoping it was something he would grow out of but now I am a little worried.