Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm It!! Picture Tag

Diane @ Good Mourning, Glory! tagged me in the awesome picture game!!!

I have to go to my fourth folder and get my fourth picture!! No cropping or editing allowed! So here it is:

We have a tradition at our church that the first time a baby comes to church that they bring it to the front and show it to everyone. This is S showing K. He was 2 days old!! Alot of poeple said she shouldn't have brought him to church that early (and please don't comment that she shouldn't have) but he didn't get sick or anything!! And he was so precious!!!


Diane said...

i think ppl *should* take their kids out, whenever possible, not like in 20 below if not necessary. but i think it helps build their immune systems. i didnt take my 1st daughter out and she's sick all the time. 2nd one, took her everywhere and she's healthy as a horse.

anyhooo.... i LOVE the name Kaiden!!

thanks for playing!

Honey Mommy said...

I can't just stay home with a new baby or else I go crazy. So I am usually back at church when the baby is about 2 weeks old!