Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gratitude Journal 12/30

I am so frustrated and upset about our ever worsening money situation so I have decided to write some things I am grateful for:

1. Each and every time Eli tells me "Love you"
2. When I hold Kayleigh and she snuggles on my shoulder.
3. my wonderful home that is worth so much more than we pay for it
4. my car that gets me where i need to go.
5. my wonderful counselor that is helping us all that he can
6. my job, i am so happy to be employed when so many pple aren't
7. my church family and especially the ones that let me love their kids
8. Jesus, always and should have been first
9. dr pepper lol
10. every penguin i received for Christmas...

I might come back and add pics here later if i have time and feel better... i am definitely coming back soon to tell you the FUN thing I am doing for new years' resolutions.

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